Robust Minds

Learning at President Klub Memorial School Tarapur is an active verb. Teachers challenge students to test the status quo, make connections across disciplines and extend the horizons of knowledge. From science to social studies, literature to mathematics, world language, and culture to the arts, The President Klub Memorial School inspire excellence and innovation—both of ourselves and our students.

Beginning in the Lower School with our program for 3-year-old students, PKMS teachers get to know children as individuals, recognizing their strengths and interests, and helping them develop to their full potential. As students move through our Middle and Upper Schools, they thrive under the tutelage of masterful teachers, achieving beyond any perceived expectations.

Pre-Primary (Playway To UKG)

The tiny tots have their own independent nursery wing with colorful interiors, kid-friendly furniture, educational and recreational toys, and other innovative learning materials. Creative games and activities instill virtues of patience and concentration in young students. All the classrooms are air-cooled.
Outdoor facilities include a separate botanical garden, playfields (both covered and open) with a variety of swings, slides, huts, sand-pit, and a nice splash pool. Playfields have direct access to classrooms. Here, the lush green lawn energizes them to run around & engage in various games.

PKMS TARAPUR has all this and more. Cupboards full of storybooks, toys, and teaching aids make learning an enjoyable experience. Highly motivated, very affectionate, and caring trained teachers make PKMS Maujampur the ultimate destination for your child.

Primary (I to V)

The academic program for the primary section is based on the CBSE curriculum where subjects are taught with the help of hi-tech teaching aids. Emphasis is laid on conceptual clarity rather than on cramming the books. The grading system is followed in primary classes. The teachers act as facilitators. Teaching is mainly interactive, & students are encouraged to explore knowledge rather than be given a ready solution. Students are taken to the computer lab from standard I onwards. A separate lab is provided for the lower classes. Here they learn the basics of the computer working independently on the machine. Spoken English is a very high priority. Students go regularly to English Language Lab with computers, headphones, and LCD projector. Here they not only learn correct pronunciation but also how to converse in English. This helps enhance their self-confidence.

Secondary (VI To VIII))

The academic program for the secondary section is based on the CBSE curriculum. President Klub Memorial School Tarapur has changed education by experimenting with new ideas, innovating and redesigning the ways in which students learn, what they learn, and how they demonstrate that learning.
We practice a learner-centered, inclusive approach that supports and challenges each student. Students pursue their passions through projects and reflect on their learning. We prepare students with the academic foundation, digital literacy, and leadership skills necessary to excel in college and professional life as they grow as ethical leaders.
PKMS provides students with the opportunity to engage with science and research in ways that professionals do. In order for labs to be effective, students need to understand not only how to do the experiment, but also why the experiment is worth doing, and what purpose it serves for improving students’ understanding of concepts, relationships, or processes.